Human Menotropin Gonadotropin (HMG)

BULK DRUG NO.: GuoYaoZhunZiH20045747

Crude HMG
Purified HMG

A. Brief Introduction
The year 1996 marked the inception of producing crude HMG. For this, we set up numerous divisions in Jiaozhou city, Pingdu city, and Junan town and on daily basis we accumulated urine of postmenopausal women of 100-160tons, monthly producing and selling crude HMG of 120-180Miu.  

Collaborating with Shanghai HuaDong Teachers University in the year 2002, we established Shanghai H. &. H. Biochemicals Co. Ltd. Herein we started the production and research of urinary products along with it supplied all kinds of purified HMG and FSH. Our company is renowned internationally as the one and only largest bulk-drug manufacturer, which produce HMG from the urine to the highly purified. HMG product was passed the GMP.

B. Indications of HMG:
  • Hypermenorrhea
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Serious metrorrhagia
  • Functional deficiency of lutein corpus
  • Primary and secondary amenorrhea
  • Retarded puberty
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Habitual abortion
  • Cryptorchism
  • Orchitis
  • Sexual neurasthenia of male & female
Indications of FSH:
  • Induction of ovulation in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Amenorrhea or Anovulatory states
  • Infertility due to hormonal imbalance because of an elevated LH/FSH ratio
C. Specifications of HMG:
1. Crude (Potency: N.L.T. 1 iu/mg);
2. Intermedia :( Potency: 3-5 iu/mg);
3. Intermedia :( Potency: 15-20 iu/mg);
4. Bulk Drug :( Potency: N.L.T. 75 iu/mg);
5. Bulk Drug :( Potency: N.L.T. 100 iu/mg)

Specifications of FSH:
Potency: N.L.T. 200 iu/mg

*We also manufacture according to customers' specification.


D. Pharmaceutical Action

Menotrophins has the action of stimulating the gonad activity and exciting the sexual function.

E. Quality conforms to the requirement of USP-28, BP-2003, and CP-2005.

F. Package: 1kg/plastic bag or 100g/bottle or according to the customer's demand

G. Output: 1200-1800Miu/year
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